Open note action in iOS Shortcuts doesn't work

  • Bear Version: Version 2.2.1 (12703)
  • OS Version: macOS Sonoma 14.5 (23F79)
  • What were you doing: Creating a Shortcut with “Open note” action to open “Weekly Review Checklist”
  • What feature did you use: Shortcuts
  • What happened: “An unknown error occurred” in Shortcut
  • What did you expect to happen: Shortcut opens “Weekly Review Checklist” in Bear

Searching for the note in Shortcuts(I noticed it does not autocomplete and the list is empty, so I just copied and pasted the exact title and selected it):

Screenshot of note to open:

Shortcuts error:

It happens on macOS and iOS

Open Note takes a note object as an input. Put a Get Note action before and use the output as a parameter for Open Note

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I see. Thanks, it works now. The info panel in Shortcuts for the “Open Note” action didn’t really mention that. I also tried looking in the help page of Bear but there wasn’t really any documentation either.