Built-in Reminders

Hello there. Please add a reminder feature to Bear. Just like a reminder app, e.g., Apple Reminders.

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As someone who forgets stuff all the time, I have to say reminder apps are literally saving my work and life! But I believe I saw the team replied somewhere on Reddit that they don’t have plans adding reminder features since it is a writing focused app not a reminder or calendar app, I think it makes sense for Bear, I don’t believe all-in-one app is the way to go.

Usually if I want to remind myself to check a note at a specific date and time, I will generate the Bear note link and add it in the reminder/todo/calendar app (I use Things most of the time) so I can open my note directly from the other app. I’m sure there are some other easy ways to achieve that like Shortcuts or something but I havent explored much :sweat_smile:. Hope it helps!

You are right. Reminder apps are easy to use especially when we have a few notes.

But for more notes and if we want to manually use the spaced repetition system, it is a bit difficult. Especially for a lazy person like me :smiling_face:

I concur that the deep links suffice for me - I use Things3 for the reminders, and Bear for the notes, and create deep links between both


Hi @nami, thank you for your feedback! While we appreciate your suggestion, we currently have no plans to add reminders to Bear. Our goal is to maintain a distraction-free workspace where users can peacefully write and store their thoughts.

Integrating reminders would counteract this intention. We understand the need for reminders, and many users have found creative shortcuts to set them, but this feature will not be included in Bear.

Take a look at these discussions among users on how they set reminders:

Hopefully, you will be able to find a solution there :heart: