Due Dates and/or Reminders for To Do Items (* similar to Notion.so)

Is there any plan to add a due date and/or reminders feature to items identified as “to do” (similar to Notion.so), as this would be a wonderful feature that would allow Bear to also serve as a Task Manager. It would also make Bear a much more compelling service than Notion for individual users.


Is it a crazy idea to synchronize Bear todo’s with Apple Reminders? I think it would open so many possibilities and make it easier to use Bear for general-purpose capture.

For example, during my client sessions, I would love to be able to capture tasks as I’m taking notes. It won’t interrupt the flow, will place the tasks inside the context of the session, and add advanced Reminders features for free (like recurring alerts, geofencing, tagging, etc.)


personally, i would be thrilled if there was an option to get at the todos within a note from shortcuts such that they could be pulled into a workflow. bidirectional sync would be nice, but this would at minimum allow extraction to things, reminders, etc.

Hi there,

Backlinking is something we’re thinking of adding into Bear after the 2.0 update.

Regarding the addition of due dates or reminders, or the extraction of such, this isn’t something we’ve currently planned. But I’ll pass on your feedback to the team to have a think about :slight_smile:

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Those of us who love Bear have found a way around. Just form tags in the ISO date format and they show nicely in the side panel. Nothing ever gets lost

hello,any new update for this feature?

Hello, at the moment we have plans for this specific feature and we decided to work on features with more requests.

Haha, next year? :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: