Can you hide tags in the sidebar, but keep them as tags in notes for searching

Is there a way to keep certain tags in notes, but not have them show up in tags list or hierarchy in the left sidebar? I have too many tags in my left plane and its messy. I would like to keep them in the notes and be able to search them as tags, but not have them show up in the sidebar.

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One solution would to use another type of search tag, that’s not preceded with a hashtag. Try placing search terms in the bottom of the note bounded by another symbol you use nowhere else and that Markdown doesn’t use for formatting, like a “@”, for instance “@tag@”.

Search for the “@term@”. You’d have to play with the right character to use.

good tip, thank you. I will try that.

Try \#tag which will render those tags as text.

right. but if I use \#tag, then it doesn’t allow me to search for “#tag” in the searchbar.

I would just move all these tags under some parent tag starting with some character down in alphabet (#Z/tag_name #Z/tag_name1 etc). So all these tags would collapse under one parent tag in the bottom of your tag list (if you sort alphabetically)

That’s a good one as it will keep them readily accessible still.