Tag display options

Hi everyone!

I often prefer to use tags in-line when writing a note rather than bunched up at the top or bottom of a note. While doing so, I like to tag locations, names, organizations, etc with things like:

#People/First name Last name#
#Places/Place name#
#Organizations/Organization name#

If would be really great for this use case if there was a way on a per-top-level-tag basis to hide the top level tag (e.g. the “People”, “Places”, etc parts of the tags above) to make it read more naturally in the notes. So instead of:

#People/First name Last name#

the tag would display as:

#First name Last name#

or something similar to this, omitting the explicit top level tag, and perhaps with a small visual indication at the beginning of the tag that the earlier part of the tag hierarchy had been omitted.

Even better would be a way to choose where to truncate the display of the tag on a per-tag basis that respects the hierarchy of the tags.

Maybe this could be implemented as a toggle in the “Edit tag” menu for each tag? Something like “hide this parent tag when displaying subtags”? The full tag could be revealed by hovering over the tag in the note on macOS, or as a long press on iOS.

Thank you!

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