Can't annotate a copy-pasted screenshot on iPad

  • Bear Version: 2.1.9 (12622)
  • OS Version: iOS 17.4.1
  • What were you doing: Trying to annotate a copy-pasted screenshot
  • What feature did you use: Annotation of a image in a note.
  • What happened: The annotation disappears.
  • What did you expect to happen: The annotation to save onto the pasted image.
  1. Take a screenshot
  2. Tap to open up editing function
  3. Tap the top right share icon and choose “Copy”
  4. Tap the trash bin icon and delete the screenshot
  5. Open a Bear note and paste the image
  6. Now, tap the image and use the annotation tool to add some annotations with the Apple pencil
  7. Tap “Done”
  8. The annotations are not saved!

Reddit thread:


Thanks for reporting this issue. We are investigatingg.

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