Captions for images

With the new editor allowing image resizing, I can make rows of images, which is nice but I can’t caption them when they’re side by side like that. Image captions would be very useful.


+1 for the addition of captions :+1:

+1 for the captions too

+1 on the captions (optionally)


There’s already a caption-editing option in Photos (swipe up) in iOS 14. You can share captions in the share options (include caption). Maybe just display the photo metadata for this?

what if you want to caption the photo with something that’s not in the metadata?

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I saw one method, which looked interesting:


Seems simple, although I don’t know how “universal” this method is in Markdown

+1 on captions.

Non-essential for me though.

Love being able to put images side-by-side!