Clicking wikilnks

Testing version: Version 2.0 (11015)
What were you doing: testing links between notes
What feature did you use: [[ … ]] wikilinks. I set up two documents that linked to each other (see video).
What happened: When I click on the wiki link for the first time it works, but thereafter clicking on links does not behave consistently. Having clicked once and moved to the linked note, if I immediately click on the link in the new note it may not immediately follow the link. Instead it reveals the link and a further click is required to follow the link. If this is repeated multiple times there seems to be a three click cycle (click one reveals the [[…]], click 2 does nothing, click 3 follows the link].

Clicking anywhere else on the page before attempting to click the link, rather than clicking it immediately on entering the new page, results in the correct behaviour and the link is followed immediately.

Hopefully the attached video makes this clear.

What did you expect to happen: I expected to be able to click on the link and immediately follow it.