Double clicking wikilink creates two notes with the same name

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10784)

What were you doing: I created a wiki link and clicked the link to create the new linked note. I accidentally double clicked on the link.

What happened: Two new notes with the same name were created.

What did you expect to happen: I understand this might be the intended function and it was accidental how I triggered this anyway. However, I would expect the first click to create a new note and subsequent clicks to go to the new note. Double clicking probably broke that since the new note was yet to be or in the process of being created.

I wonder if I need to step up my double click game because I have tried to multiple times to but I can’t get the double note. Can you replicate this bug any time? Just in case, have you tried to update to the latest build?

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I updated the app before I could try to replicate the issue. Seems to solve the problem. I’ll report back if it happens again.

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This just happened again. Clicked twice times on a wiki link, around 1-2 seconds in between. Two new notes with the same name. But I’m unable to replicate the issue again after.

Happened on Version 2.0 (11015).

1-2 seconds for a double click sounds like a huge time. What are your Double Click speed preferences?

There’s no response when clicking, hence second click 1-2 seconds later. Not sure if that still counts as a double click.