Copy and pasting image

Testing version: iPad 1949

What were you doing: copy and paste image

What feature did you use: copy and paste image to another app

What happened: resized image cannot be copy and paste, to be copied it must be through share. When using bluetooth keyboard, the share button is hidden behind the keyboard toolbar in preview.

What did you expect to happen: can just copy and paste image to other apps. Share button is not hide on preview when using bluetooth keyboard.

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting the above.

May I just ask, what was the other app that you tried to paste to? and does this happen every time you attempt a copy and paste, or just sometimes/just with that other particular app?

I was pasting it into Bear haha. Due to the issue being unable to save shown in other posts, I have backed up the notes to Bear in case the notes somehow disappear again (and they indeed did).
I tested on the Mac as well, I guess copy and paste of image does not work in general.
On the Mac, drag and drop works in replacement of it, but in iOS, drag and drop does not work either, so my only option is going through the share sheets.

Also, I think moving share sheet button to the bluetooth keyboard action bar(?) or the top of the image would be really helpful.

Thanks for the additional information and the suggestion Eleanor.

Regarding saving images, may I just clarify, does Long press > Share > Save Image not work for you?

Please note that the device needs to be set to allow access to camera roll for this to present itself as an option in the Share section.

My usage of this feature was to paste it into other app, so ‘save image’ was not in my concern in the first place. and it works very well.
The thing is, I was copying the whole note to another app, and because the images are all scattered around, it is cumbersome to go through each image and share and paste. But I guess image + txt copy does not work system wide.
The reason I had open the preview page was also because that was faster to collect the image and go through one by one to copy (share) it to other notes.