App crash case: image not moving correctly

Testing version: 1949

What were you doing: copy and paste into the document

What feature did you use: copy and paste

What happened: When a block of notes are pasted, (just a couple line, 4 lines for the one in the image), the image below the cursor was unable to move down to the new position and hides the cursor. When I close the file, then open again, a blank screen was shown. When the note is recovered, all the notes since last save point is gone.

What did you expect to happen: image be in the right position

Hi there,

Was this a once off occurrence, or does something similar occur each time you attempt to do this?

Have you tried a quit and restart? Also, can I just confirm what type of iPad you are using and what system version you are using on it?

This occurred quite frequently. A quit and restart has actually removed all writings and revert back to the old version due to the white screen on the second image. Leaving it to process it rather slowly moves the images to the place it is supposed to be and I continue working from there on.

This is iPad Air 4 with 14.6.

That is strange indeed. Thank you for providing the additional information, i’ll pass it onto the development team for investigation.