Image keeps disappearing

Testing version: 1949

What were you doing: editing documents

What feature did you use:

What happened: bunch of images suddenly just disappeared/ images were unable to be added → keep showing null

What did you expect to happen: image not disappear, and add properly

When I find image in the assets of Panda and add it again, the image comes back + the image I added.
I also troubleshooted image not showing but only displaying null by first inserting image into assets then adding the image to the notes.

This might be due to large number of sketches in the nite (more than 5). It sometimes cannot save and revert back to somewhere it has saved, discarding large chunk of notes.

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this.

May I just ask, what specific device are you using? What system version are you using on this device? and does this occur every time you try to add images?

This was MacBook Air M1 with the latest 11.4. For now, I don’t think I have encountered issues regarding disappearing images anymore, especially the behaviour on the GIF I have not encountered again. But, also I haven’t had new documents created for a while since I am working with existing ones currently.
However, there is still saving issues, that with notes with a lot of sketching in it ( I think this is the problem, because other notes without sketches does not have issues), and especially for the iPad (using iPad Air 4 with the latest 14.6 release) it often saves upto a middle of the writing process, and even if I don’t close the app and just be away from the device for a couple hours and come back, the notes are reversed to somewhere in between I was editing the document, not fully saved.

Thank you for providing this additional information.