Notes disappeared after pasting an image to the note where they appeared blank

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (11015)

What were you doing:
I was working on a note filling it with text and constantly adding images with Mac’s built-in “Copy picture of selected area to the clipboard.”

What feature did you use:
Note editing and image pasting from the clipboard.

What happened:
At some point, those images started to be added as blank and show strange numbers when I was trying to quick view it. Screenshots:

The same pasting worked as intended in other apps and even in other notes, but it was always blank in that particular note (regular file drag’n’drop from the finder still worked).
Then, when I tried to paste a screenshot to an empty note and then copy it to that “problematic” note – all the info in this note transformed into unreadable glyphs. And when I simply clicked on another note in the sidebar – the previous note disappeared, and the newly selected note became “corrupted” the same way and disappeared after a click again.
I panicked and closed the app – this behavior stopped, but now I have four completely blank notes instead of those I’ve selected.

What did you expect to happen:
Images pasted as always and my notes not disappearing.

Is there any way I can try to restore those notes or at least some info? Of course, I made a backup a week ago :frowning: But maybe something is saved in iCloud or cache or whatever? There is so much valuable info, some of which can’t be restored from backups and other places.

I had the same issue again, but this time, I could record a video of it and experiment on duplicated notes.
I could fix it only by creating a note and copying content into it from the corrupted chunk by chunk.


thanks for reporting this issue.

We have verified this is a problem with the filename length. When a file is added to a note, we check if other attachments have the same name and add numbers as a suffix. ⌘⇧⌃4 returns always the same filename ( image.png ) and, after the 86’ screenshot is pasted, the filename length exceeds the expected limits. We’ll provide a better file-renaming algorithm to avoid this situation.

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