Images: Pasting and Importing

I have two comments regarding images:

HIGHEST PRIORITY IMHO: I wish that I could paste (Cmd-V) images from my clipboard into notes. My workaround is to save the image onto my desktop, then import it into my note – but Cmd-C/Cmd-V would have been so much easier!

Next - There are very few times that I would want to use my iPhone to import an image. In those rare cases, I wish that I had the opportunity to edit the image on my phone – at the very least to crop it – before saying “use Image” and have it embedded into my note.

Hey - the first item being your priority can be done in Bear today. So I am going to throw out an assumption that the beta is just limited only through the testing interface and copy/paste will be (remain) in the final product.

Hello - I’m able to copy an image into my clipboard and then paste it in via CMD-V or using Edit → Paste. If it is not working for you, you may want to submit a bug report… maybe a video of the issue since that seems like an odd one.

Interesting. It works in some cases and not in others. I’ll document this and see if I can figure out the difference in these cases – will report back.

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Try as I might, I can’t seem to recreate the problem at all! Now I wonder what the heck I was doing wring the other day.

As for the “import from iPhone” – is it at all possible to allow for a crop before using the photo?