Image format support?

I’m loving Bear 2, but I’m wondering if image support to paste images copied from Slack will be added any time soon? (I thought it was that Bear 2 lacked HEIC format support, but turns out I was wrong) When I copy images from Slack and paste them into Bear, they show up as a big question mark. I have a workaround to screen capture, of course, but it’d be nice not to have to do that.

Thanks for the great app!

Are you doing this on iOS or macOS? I’m guessing MacOS

  • On iOS I am able to Share > Copy the image, then paste in bear with no issue
  • On MacOS if I right click > copy, then paste it bear, I do get the question mark. There’s also the “download” in the bottom of the image, which I can click and then drag from the visible “downloads” folder in the taskbar, into the note - this might be a workaround for you temporarily?

I don’t know why it works this way in MacOS. Interestingly, it shows fine in the Alfred clipboard history, and if I invoke that and paste direct from there, it works fine (as in Copy image, invoke Alfred clipboard menu, press enter to paste).

I’m doing this on MacOS. That is interesting about Alfred clipboard. Seems like it’s some weird Slack quirk with whatever it puts in the pasteboard.

I do have a workaround (I just Ctrl+Shift+Cmd+4 and freehand screen grab the image), so it’s not a huge deal.

Hello, and thanks for reporting this issue. We found the problem within the pasteboard element Slack uses when an image is copied and a fix will be ready with update 2.0.7