The default image insert action

I’m gonna be pretty strong on this one because I’m confident that I’m speaking for most users, so if I’m not, I’d appreciate users’ response to this thread even more than usual.

Regarding the button to insert an image into a note, I’d ask that you guys take a second to consider your own workflows: how many of the images in your various notes were actually captured and embedded from within Bear?

Honestly, were I developing a notetaking app, I don’t think it would even occur to me to add a capture image now button at all. While I have certainly done so in the very early days of Day One, I do not consider it a rational or advantageous function, whatsoever, and I knew it immediately even way back then. Especially considering the complexity of the camera app, now, with all of its configurable variables (as well as all the different options for physical gestures to open it.)

To clarify my proposed alternative: having the Insert from Photo Library button on “top” of its stack in the new menu so that one needn’t long press to insert an image from their photo library.
(I suspect others use it the least, in fact, so I would even go so far as too suggest that it should be last behind Insert Image from File, but I’m not quite as confident when it comes to the average user in that addendum.)

Imo, this is actually a great opportunity to once again demonstrate just how thoughtful I know Bear’s UX authorities must be - that immediately obvious truth that it was built by people who actually use it hehe.

Once again: if this comes across as off-target to anyone, I’d very much appreciate pushback.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Hello David,

Since you asked, here are a few observations and my own use case & workflow.

Passion for apps makes sense as many people integrate workflows and personal time/data into apps, especially note apps. I feel the same desire and want the Bear Team to to get Panda “right.” So coming off strong is fine, however I don’t think you need to intro with it. I think most users on here are passionate about note taking apps since we’re all testing an alpha product, and I’m guessing the devs are aware of this.

It would have been more interesting simply to have asked a general question (as you did in ¶2) and pool data about how “most users” use Bear rather than assuming you speak for them all. In addition to here, you could have asked on Reddit, and even polled friends on Facebook and Twitter if you were curious. Sharing your use case and/or workflow would also help the devs. In your post, you wrote what you wanted them to do (¶4), but didn’t explain your own workflow. Additionally, you called their design decision “irrational” (¶3) but then complemented them on how thoughtful Bear’s UX team is (¶5)… confusing.

I am confident that the Bear team wants to make Bear in a way that aligns with their vision for the app and meets customer’s needs… they need and want your feedback and need lots of data (pooled across many users) to do that well. One thing is for sure… they do have a vision since a product like Bear doesn’t happen by accident.

To give you an answer to your question, most of my images in Bear were added from within Bear. I arrive in field to a location with my iPhone, jot a few notes, and take pictures in app. At any one site, I’ll take 5-10 photos and annotate notes about each individual artifact and or structure… I’m looking at old things, like 1,800 to 4000+ years old. Then I go home to my iPad, which actually is in my backpack the whole time I’m out, and sit down to research some of the objects further, typing notes into Bear

So, there is some time crafting this post as I know you spent time crafting yours.


Also, if you have a link to your project for iPhone+keyboard users, you should throw that in the Feedback feed too, or even a summary of its functionality. I think Bear/Panda and forum followers would be interested in how you use Bear. Again… its more feedback and data for the devs and you may provide a solution to the other Bear enthusiasts that check this forum. Well, TTFN :+1:

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This is so fascinating and beautiful to imagine!

I am so inexpressibly thankful you took the time you did (and I know it takes time and energy!) to break down where I could have done a lot better, here. I think there’s more insight about bad habits in my feedback in a single paragraph of yours than I’ve found in months (…years?) of thinking on it, myself. I think I’m gonna make a new habit of re-reading it before every feedback submission, generally.

(Yet again, this community has ended up doing me a favor lol)

Regarding the iPhone x Bluetooth Keyboard Guide , I’m trying to be as deliberate and socially-effective as I can from step 1, which means concentrating on exploring connections with other users and developers (like this one!)

On that note, I just converted the original Issue on my blog’s GitHub Repo into a new Discussion thread , which seems to me like an ideal gathering place for now.

(Hopefully, I’ve configured it correctly for public replies.)

Thank you again… I owe you.

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Hey @Blue

I’m glad you found it helpful. You seemed to be open to feedback and comments so I thought sharing would be helpful, and I’m glad to hear it was.

You’re willingness to hear others will take you far… I know from personal experience as I’ve had to grow in this area as well, so no need to thank me since I’m passing along what I’ve learned and heard from others :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:.

Keep up the good work and keep thinking!

P.S. - I’m going to grab a space grey magic keyboard too when I’m back home! They are epic‼️

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