Attachments in Note

Hi Bear team,

It’s a little hard to note what’s already been addressed, so I’m hoping I’m not bringing up something that’s already been said (couldn’t find a similar feedback comment in the search).

In Bear 1, when I exported a note containing a PDF file in it, it would be a small non-invasive “button” that exported as a small image:

But I see now in Bear 2, there’s no way for me to make my file appear that way so I end up with a large image of the first page of my PDF that I really dislike. It remains obnoxious on the export as well, unfortunately. I have a PDF on every single Bear note in my library, and I am cringing a little bit thinking about how to make this work for me.

Would it be possible to add an option to change the default on how attached files are viewed in the note perhaps? There’s no value in having my attachments image-based for me personally.

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You can right-click (i.e., control+click or 2-finger tap) and choose the “Hide Preview” option to hide the thumbnail preview – to get the non-invasive “button” view.

It sounds like you are asking for previews to be hidden by default? Would you want that to apply to all attachments (i.e., preview would be hidden for an image pasted into a note until you chose “Show Preview” from the context menu for each image… which many more people may dislike)? Or are you suggesting the default preview setting vary by attachment file type?

That’s great to know about the right-click, but having over 500+ notes in my library, it is a bit tedious if I’m going to have to individually go into each note and make each file appear that way, and then have to format each new note every time I add a PDF, which I almost always do.

So yes – ideally, different attachment types should have a default preview on/off setting. I agree that the default setting for images is intuitively on, and this is how my perfect note would be formatted, but the PDF preview ideally can be turned on or off through preferences or something similar.

Sorry if this is coming across nitpicky, it’s just feeling like a big change to me and I’m a bit overwhelmed thinking about having to reformat everything. For me, the front page of a PDF file offers nothing of value in preview mode and is unnecessary, but perhaps I’m the minority.

Thank you for giving me the space to elaborate as well!


I have the same issue. For me it would be sufficient if previews for document attachments only (e.g.PDF, Word etc) could be switched off. I am happy for previews of images to be the default.

However if the above introduces too much complexity, I would be satisfied with all previews being “Hidden” or “Shown” , provided that, when changed for an individual note, the status of the preview is remembered by Bear.