Arbitrary File Attachments and Attachment Previews


At the moment it looks like arbitrary file attachments aren’t possible (ie not image or pdf)? At the moment insert file does nothing…

On an attachment related note, is would be great to have inline support for PDFs and thumbnails for links etc (Apple notes actually does a really great job in this regards).

On the subject of attachments, really happy with the gif support; great stuff :slight_smile:




I noticed the same behaviour: Some file types can be inserted (e.g. text, png, jpg), with other types (e.g. svg, binary files) nothing happens.

Some additional thoughts/wishes concerning attachments:

  • I don’t see the difference between “Insert Image” and “Insert File”. Whether a preview is shown seems to depend on the file type only, so maybe one menu entry would be enough.

  • One thing I really miss is inline support for SVG files, i.e. I wish that SVG files would be treated like images.

  • Another thing i miss is the ability to rename attachments.

I want to second the inline support for PDF and have the first page show up as if it were an image file. does this: if it’s a one-page PDF it shows the full page inline, if it’s a multi-page PDF, it shows a generic icon. I’d be happy with this type of solution.

In fact, if I could drag a page from an open PDF in Preview (from the thumbnail column) directly into Bear to insert just that page into the my note and have it remain visible, that would be the best of all worlds. (Currently If you drag it from Preview to the desktop, a single page PDF file is created, so this doesn’t seem difficult to implement in Bear.)

I take notes of presentations, and this would allow me to insert the current stack page into my notes.

Bonus if you can make the PDF content searchable!
Thank you for the great product and ongoing improvement!