Hide attachments for unknown file types in Notes Pane


This might be a pretty niche request, but currently in the View > Preview Style we have the option to Hide Attachments.

Currently my Notes have a both a fair few images but also files that can’t be previewed or have a thumbnail (which also includes PDFs). The mean I end up with a lot of previews which look something like:

Screenshot 2023-02-26 at 11.36.02

Which takes up space which could be used by the preview text, describing what the actual note is about. If I Hide Attachments I can’t see the images, which I usually want to see.

So I was thinking:

  • Could we automatically hide files that can’t be previewed (perhaps indicating that there is an attachment with a small glyph)?
  • Would be great to be able to see previews of PDFs in the same style images are currently displayed.


I feel having the image attachments showing and not the others is a little confusing but eventually, this is a display option we can consider.

We did a lot of UI tests for this but the problem is the vast majority of PDFs have an A4/U.S. Letter format and 14-16px font size that didn’t fit the note list image preview format making the PDF thumbnail unuseful unless it has a meaningful cover.

I was hoping that having an icon indicating an attachment would make it relatively clear. Something like:


That would convey that it’s not just a note, but still leave space for the text description (also since the pin icon there, there’s already a space for icons at the footer of the note).

Makes sense; thinking about it, other than a few books, most of the PDF’s I have wouldn’t display anything meaningful at that size. Would be prettier though…

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