Hide preview of PDF attachments in note body

In a lot of my notes, PDFs are attached purely for reference in the future. For the most part, I have no need for a preview image and ideally would just like some way to recreate the Bear 1 attachment style, which simply displayed the filename and didn’t take up a lot of vertical space.

The Bear 2 approach is especially unhelpful in this scenario, as reducing the previewed attachment to the smallest size also causes the majority of the filename to get hidden, as it can only display within the shrunken thumbnail. And at the smallest size, the thumbnail image makes distinguishing between similar files harder as well.

Would it be possible to switch to a preview-less style attachment when the preview is scaled down past the current smallest point? Or implement some way to disable the preview on a per-attachment basis?

it’s already there

Unless I’m mistaken, that menu refers to the note list, I’m talking about in the body of notes:

Bear 1 displayed attachments within documents like this:
Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 12.42.41

In Bear 2, my options appear to be giant previews or unhelpful thumbnails (combined in this screenshot):

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If you right-click on the PDF attachment you hide the preview. You’ll get an updated version of the Bear 1 box.

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Ah ha! Brilliant :slight_smile:
Thank you

I’ve just updated to Bear 2 (Pro) & all my hundreds/thousands of PDF’s are showing previews…
I need a GLOBAL setting to HIDE PREVIEW’s across all my notes, changing them back to hidden individually isn’t realistic. - I’ve notes with dozens+ of PDF’s in them and need to be able to quickly scan the titles (only).
I seem to recall a similar issue years ago with Bear 1, am I missing a global HIDE PREVIEW setting somewhere?

I’ve heard back from Bear support;

No, a global hide PDF preview option is currently not available. I registered your feedback adding such option.

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