PDF previews within Bear 2 app?

In the Bear 2 Beta announcement PDF previews were listed under “What’s New.” Is there a way to preview PDFs other than using Marked? Thanks

I see a preview of attached PDFs. First page only but its there on Mac.

Thanks. I see that too. I should have been more clear. I was thinking of a preview of Bear notes as they’ll look when exported as a PDF. Similar to how Ulysses does it.

I understand the misunderstanding but we were referring to the in-note PDF attachments preview.
The PDF generated in Bear 2 looks very similar to what you see inside the note with markdown hiding but I’d like to understand if there are specific reasons you want to see a PDF preview.

@ourliz referred to ulysses app. There is just one reason there to preview exports to pdf, doc and html: you have countless style presets for export so that it makes sense to have a preview. Actually something i wanted to ask for once 2.0 is final :wink:

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Thanks for responding. I like to see how the PDF will look on the page - headings, tables, images, page breaks, font, etc. Exported PDFs will page break differently depending on the PDF style - especially with tables. If I don’t like how the native Bear PDF style appears on the page, I use Marked 2 to choose a different style and export from Marked instead of Bear. Having a preview in the Bear app would save the step of exporting, saving, and viewing externally before deciding on the final style.

Actually you do not need a preview since the export will look like the note itself, or not? As long as bear doesn‘t support different styles for export, if at all it will ever do, somehow it wouldn‘t be worth the development export.