[Crash] [Custom Fonts iOS] App crashes loading any note after reinstalling a custom font

Testing version: 10946

What were you doing:

  1. Install a custom font on iOS using any app that is a font provider
  2. Use the custom font in bear for your notes
  3. Uninstall the font/app
  4. Reinstall the font/app
  5. Load bear (bear app opens successfully.)
  6. Try to open a note or open the preferences
  7. App crashes

What feature did you use: Custom fonts on iOS using apps that install system fonts using Font Provider interface

What happened: App Crashes

What did you expect to happen:

  1. Since font was reinstalled I would love it if this just worked…
  2. If it didn’t work (for whatever reason) I would be OK if bear just reset my note fonts back to the default when it couldn’t find the font it expected
  3. Would it be possible (or a good idea) to make resetting some/all settings an option in the system settings using a settings bundle to provide users a way to get unstuck in weird cases like this?

I managed to make the app crash every time (when opening any note or settings) after removing a custom font profile from iOS settings that I used as Bear font. But I managed to recover from the mess I created by reinstalling the exact same fonts, same profiles, same way as before.

But yeah it would be nice if there was a way to recover from this situation via iOS Settings app reset for example.

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Hoping bear devs are looking into this crash, I’ve submitted the crash multiple times as it currently makes it impossible to view any notes on my iOS device…

Reinstalling the did not seem to help.

@trix180 or any bear devs, would you be able to confirm you’re aware of this crash? I’m currently unable to use bear on iOS

Hello, yes we are. Any chance you added a comment to the submitted TestFlight crash?

Hey thank yoU! Yes I’ve sent the crash multiple times sometimes with comments, sometimes with comments and email

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Thanks all! This is resolved now for me now with the latest update.

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