Plans for Font Customizations on iOS

Hey folks! As always, loving the beta. Am curious what the plan are for handling font customization on iOS now that you’ve got it on desktop. I know that’s a trickier thing to do, but would love to get a sense of what’s planned/expected.

For those of us installing fonts on iOS via third-party apps, would those be available as options for use (in a way similar to how we can install whatever desktop fonts we want on MacOS)? Thanks a ton.

And FWIW, I don’t want or need the same level of customizations as I get on Obsidian. One of the things I do like with Bear is the constraints. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the iOS font system will be pretty much the same as macOS in terms of customizations. Hopefully, we’ll ship the update later today.

I’m honestly unsure about this but it might be interesting to know if third-party typefaces can be used but other third-party apps (also, possibly very problematic).


So the custom font support was originally intended to be limited to macOS only?

no, it’s always meant to be cross-platforms.

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That’s wonderful and so much appreciated!
If you don’t mind me asking, how will we be able to “install” custom fonts on iOS?
Can we share the .otf or .ttf files directly to the app?

This is the only method I’m aware of for installing Typefaces on iOS

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There is another, much better way (but a bit weird). Using apps like iFont or Anyfont allow importing of user’s font files. These apps create custom profiles that make the font available to the system.

It’s an older system which works way better than the officially sanctioned Apple way, which never took off anyway, because you can bring your own files.

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Yeah, the Apple method is super weird and none of those font apps feature any fonts that I actually like or would want to pay for.

So this essentially means that I won’t be able to use my own custom fonts, which I own as .oft or .ttf files in Bear on iOS?
This is a true bummer then.

I think fonts loaded via profiles become available system wide. So that would probably work in Bear.

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I keep my fingers crossed :slightly_smiling_face::crossed_fingers:

I can confirm that we support custom fonts via 3rd party apps. @KillerWhale is correct in his suggestion to use an app that allows you to import your fonts.


amazing!! thank you so much! this made my day!

Thanks for this addition.
I could set the textfont to Luciole regular after importing the .ttf file with the app AnyFont.
Luciole is a special font, made for visual impaired individuals.
My daughter will be very happy!


I have used AnyFonts for years

And the truetype fonts I had installed seems to work nicely with latest Bear update on iPad and iPhone


iFont worked great for me, and I love the typography feature set now. However, I’d still love to have a built-in option for choosing system font; yes, I can import my own SF Pro Text/Display fonts, but I’m pretty sure there’s something not quite right if you use the imported TTF file. I believe there’s some tracking/kerning values that don’t get applied if you use the TTF file that would apply to normal system font that’s used in all apps.

Or maybe I’m (just going) crazy :sweat_smile:


Could we add support for the system fonts, i.e. the SF family including SF Pro and SF Mono?

Users aren’t supposed to install these fonts directly I believe

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So with the latest Bear 2 update on iOS I was able to easily add additional fonts to iOS on my phone and iPad and have them used in Bear. I think others have noted this, but there’s a lot of tools available that support this.

Also, for those still on Adobe Creative Cloud, you can easily search for and install any Adobe Fonts on your device and use these. Adobe (though paid) has the most seamless approach, but apps like AnyFont and iFont for iOS aren’t wildly geeky.

Here’s a couple of articles:

I was easily able to install and leverage a lovely sans-serif font, Adelle, that I enjoy.