Crash on import from Obsidian

Hi -
I’m trying out Bear for the first time. I’ve attempted to import my notes from Obsidian, but it always fails. Bear ends up consuming all available memory and crashing after a few hours. I have >13,000 markdown files which may be the cause? Is there some where I can start to debug this? I’d like to give Bear a chance.

Hello and thanks for reporting this problem,

Do you mind sending me via DM the last Bear crashlog you can find? Please open > Crash Reports, locate the last Bear crash, right-click on it, and select “Reveal in Finder”.

There isn’t one unfortunately - it took the whole system down because of the memory use. Is there some other way I can grab some useful logs while its running?

This is quite odd. When Bear crashed, did you get the usual report window?
You can try activating the Bear logs in Help > Enable File Logs and re-import your vault.

It’s definitely odd. I never got a report bug dialog because it consumed all memory and the machine crashed🥲 I’m trying again with the logging enabled and see where it goes. So far after running for less than 5 minutes, Bear is consuming 27GB of memory…

ok, so at 20 mins we’re at 62GB of memory (1.62GB of real memory).

What’s the difference between using the “Import From… Obsidian” vs “Import Notes” ? I’m thinking maybe I just do folders within my Obsidian folder individually instead of all at once?

52 mins in, and we’re at 114GB of memory (2.39GB real, 112 VM Compressed). :grimacing:

Just got the “you’ve run out of application memory” notice from macOS. I’ve closed everything but Bear and Activity Monitor now.

Bear is at 135GB, 5.2GB physical, 130GB Vm

While writing this the “you’ve run out of memory” dialog appeared again.

OK! It’s been a couple more hours, and the Mac just died. I’ll DM you logs.

Side note - I tried importing one directory with ~2300 files in it (organized in other subdirectories). It took only a few minutes and worked fine.