Crashing Related To Pasted Quote Text

Bear 2 is crashing for me when I edit some quote text, seemingly quote text that has been pasted into a note, not on “hand-typed” quote text. The crashing happens on both macOS & iOS, often when I simply place my cursor within the pasted quote text, other times only when I initiate an actual edit.

This is a rather pernicious bug because it’s extremely difficult to remove “problem” blocks of quote text because the act of trying to do so is what crashes the app.

Testing version: 2.0.15 (12062)

What were you doing: Editing text within a quote, text that I had previously pasted.

What feature did you use: Text editing.

What happened: The app closed out. Crashed.

What did you expect to happen: For me to edit text within a quote without it crashing.

Hello, and thanks for reporting this bug.
Can you please tell me if you still experiencing this issue with release 2.0.17?
You might need to manually update on Bear’s App Store pages:
​macOS: ‎Bear Markdown Notes on the Mac App Store
​iOS: ‎Bear - Markdown Notes on the App Store

No crashes yet! Thank you kindly.

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