Create Meeting Notes from Calendar Apt

I want to be able to create new meeting notes from meetings defined in my calendar (Google Calendar specifically) and have it pull in the date, time, attendees, subject, and any notes in the meeting invite. I have to do all this manually today, and automation would be desirable.


Are your appointments available on the Calendar app? Do you plan to do this on your Mac or iPhone/iPad?

I would love to have this too. For me, via the Apple Calendar app.

Somehow I remembered a sharing option for calendar events but I must dream about it. However, is possible to pull all the events of the day from Calendar in Shortcuts. My idea is to create a note for each event I find with a link back to the Calendar. Is this what you had in mind?

I was thinking Bear could read either the Mac calendar (or iOS), and optimally google calendar and let me pick an appointment. Thenper my feature request pull in the meeting meta data.

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Today Calendar Event to (13.6 KB)

This shortcut picks all today’s events in Calendar (macOS+iOS) and lets you choose the one to pick. Once picked, a new note with the following information is created in Bear: Event title, start date, end date, location, duration, attendees, URL, notes and attachments.


This is awesome! Thank you!
I use shortcuts, but I’ve never been able to make more complex ones like this work.
This is so helpful - very much appreciated.

this works well for me too. any chance it will become a feature of Bear vs unmanaged shortcut scripting?

The Bear’s actions provided in Shortcut are created and maintained by us and the other are Apple’s.

Regarding in-app integration, what concerns me a little is prompting users with a request for Calendar access in-app, but If more people request this kind of integration we can consider adding it.

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