Creation date in stats panel

Is there a reason there’s no creation date in the stats panel (and only modification date)?

Both are in Bear and both are useful.
I tend to want to know creation date more than when I last modified a note (but both would be great).

Hi there,

It was decided from both user and team feedback that the inclusion of the creation date in the stats panel would create unwanted noise.

The creation date is nice to have, but for most of the time it is not relevant information.

Although opinions on matters have been formed, as Panda is still just a test version, nothing has been set in stone. Therefore, I’ll pass your feedback onto the team to be weighed up.

Ok. Thanks.
Does that mean there will be no way to identify the creation date of a note (once it’s modified)?

Hi there,

Good question!

No, we still plan to have the creation date available.

As this feature is used less, our current plan is to add and have in the “more” menu in the styles bar, it’s just not been added in yet.

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I am not sure if i understand. Who would expect to find the creation in the “more menu” of the stylus bar? That seems counter-intuitive to me. And how it would be used?

Not in the stylus bar in the info/stats panel where it’s currently situated in Bear