Creation date – Panda (or other notes) to Bear

… hope this doesn’t go beyond of the scope of this (beta) forum …

I wish, there was a way to import a note into Bear preserving the creation date of the original file or editing it after import.

Since starting to work with Panda, first on macOS, than on iOS (yes, I know, I shouldn’t use beta software for my work, but I do enjoy it :wink: I started to collect many “loose notes” I like to import into Bear.

Importing older notes and clippings from other apps, it would be also great to be able to preserve the original creation date.

This could probably be solved with a little script. But maybe this is something other users might find useful as well…

thank you for all the great work

Hi, you can use Bear’s import window (Files > Import Notes) and check “keep original creation and modification date” if you want to preserve the original file’s metadata in Bear.

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Oooh that’s embarrassing… it’s all there… I never noticed these options

Thank you, Thank you