No option to keep original date

Testing version:
2.0.2 (iPadOS)

What were you doing:
Importing notes

What feature did you use:

What happened:
No option to keep the original date is present

What did you expect to happen:
According to Import notes into Bear there should be an option to keep original date.

The importers come with an option to keep the original dates of the imported files


Yes, I agree.

This option is there in the Mac version, but sorely missing on iOS/iPad.

Oh, handy to know it’s an option on Mac at least!

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I also would like to see this added. I don’t have a Mac and only iOS and don’t want to import notes until it is available.

Hopefully, we’ll find out if it will be added, especially since, as mentioned above, the documentation says it can be done.

Other than that, I’ve so far enjoyed revisiting Bear with the new additions.

Another option, potentially even as an aside to this, that I’d like to see - ability to specify creation/modification dates in the x-callback scheme. This would allow for integrations such that we can write out own custom importers without losing such metadata!

This is actually tricky to achieve on iOS as, depending on the App/service used the file metadata provided are altered. I have to verify if some progresses have been done with iOS 17.