Please show the created date

In the statistic info, please show that note created date


Yes, please show created date!
I totally agree.

Hi there,

It was decided from both user and team feedback that the inclusion of the creation date in the stats panel would create unwanted noise.

The creation date is nice to have, but for most of the time it is not relevant information.

Although opinions on matters have been formed, as Panda is still just a test version, nothing has been set in stone.

Therefore, I’ll pass your feedback onto the team to be weighed up.

We still do plan to have the creation date available.

As this feature is used less, our current plan is to add and have it in the “more” menu in the styles bar, it’s just not been added in yet :slight_smile:

I am confused by the decision to include the Created Date in the “more” menu of the styles bar.

This strikes me as a particularly non-intuitive place to find the Created Date, especially when there exists a Statistics panel :thinking:

Perhaps add a “more” button to the Statistics panel as well?

P.S. Absolutely loving Panda and cannot wait for it to be integrated into Bear! Don’t hold up release for this minor suggestion :sweat_smile:


Hi Rhaz,

The decision for this as mentioned is because it was decided as more of a “nice to have”.

We wanted to keep a clean, clear, and sleek design for the Stats panel.

However as Panda is still just a test version, nothing has been set in stone and I can of course pass on your additional feedback.

Thank you for your kind words about Panda, and we’re glad to hear that you are excited for it’s integration - us too!

If you’ve any further queries or questions in the meantime, let me know as i’d be happy to help!

I’d once again like to highlight my suggestion, which could be made optional-able in settings, thus a win-win for everyone.

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Hi there,

Thank you for providing this feedback and link. The team have currently opted not to go down this route as they’d like the design as minimal as possible.

I’ll re-float this idea to them to see if they’d reconsider when moving forward.

If you’ve any other questions in the meantime let me know as i’d be happy to help :slight_smile: