Begging for date display options in list view

I know everyone has a different workflow, but I have note history going back many years and the most frustrating thing for me is not having the ability to quickly get context at a glance. All I want is the option to show creation date alongside modification date in the list view.

This is so important for being able to tell at a glance whether this note is about a meeting from 2017 or an ongoing project that started in 2020 that and was last updated in 2023. Going into the note and then into the stats panel is extremely cumbersome when you are just trying to search or scroll through a long list of notes. Adding the creation date in the title is messy and inefficient to pick up visually, vs having the date in a standard place. There is plenty of space at the bottom of the list item to hold one or more additional pieces of metadata.

I would be so grateful if there was an option to control that display, either just by being able to show creation date or by being able to choose from a list of options vs. the current defaulting to showing modification date only.

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+1. I also would appreciate this.

If you sort the note list by created date, created date will be shown instead,
but then of course, modified date is not shown ā€¦ :thinking:

I agree ā€“ would be nice to be able to display both.

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Wow, thanks for that tip, I did not know that! Iā€™d prefer to sort by modification date and be able to see both, but I will try this approach as a stopgap solution.

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