Showing Last Modified date when sorted by Creation Date

Testing version:
New 2.0 beta

What were you doing:
Scrolling the Note List

What feature did you use:
Sorting my notes by Created Date rather than Modified Date

What happened:
When making a modification to a note, the date under the note changed to Just Now, displaying the time it was last Modified.

What did you expect to happen:
When it is sorted by Created Date, it should show the date it was Created for a neat view in the Note List, toggling over to Modified Date only when in that sorting view.


Thanks team, very minor feedback, this is an awesome first public beta.

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Bumping this one. I’m making edits quite frequently, and when I’m wanting to sort by creation date, it definitely looks quite cluttered always having constantly changing dates.

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I second this. I’ve raised this before in feedback too.

Just linking to recent post where I also brought up this point, Some collected feedback after using Bear, since public beta

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Hi team, I’m sorry to bump this again, but this remains my only real negative to the app and would love to hear if it’ll get fixed or if it’s not on the radar.

If I make a small modification to a note, and am conscious sorting by Date Created, I really feel like the note shouldn’t display Date Modified under its title in the sidebar.

We don’t think changing the “meaning” of the date in the note cell list is a good idea because usually sorting doesn’t change the display value of table/list. Eventually we can consider a display option.

Here is one of my typical ideas that I think are good, but which in retrospect may turn out not to be so good after all. :smiley:

Idea → Both dates are displayed in the note. And in dependance of the sort order the title, creation date or modification date gets coloured. You immediately can recognise the sort order