Cursor doesn't move with page up/down

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing:
Navigating a longer note using page up and page down keys

What happened:
Cursor stayed at its original position and I had to use the arrow keys instead (inconvenient for a longer document), or mouse (also inconvenient when focussed on typing)

What did you expect to happen:
I expected the cursor to move relative to the scrolled distance - VS Code is a good reference.

Hello, the page up/down keys are not supposed to move the caret inside text/code editors, and I have to admit that I’m curious about where VS Code moves the caret.

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The cursor is moved to the length defined for page up/down of VS Code. The length by default is 36. So, if the cursor is at line 50 and you press page up, the cursor will be at line 14.

What is funny is that if you press shift+page up in Bear, this will highlight ± the previous 36 lines. So, I think it would be nice if the editor is able to highlight text with shift+page up that just pressing page up would move the cursor.

For someone who use extensively his keyboard, it’s cumbersome when you want to move across a big note only with the keyboard to have to press up/down so many time.

I however found a hack. I press shift+page up and then the left arrow which move the cursor at that new position.

Ohhhh, I’m a Windows user and after a little search on the Web, I found the page up/down on Windows doesn’t behave the same than on Mac.
On Windows, the cursor move but on Mac, it just scroll position.
So, this is an OS paradigm.
I switch from my PC and my Mac with a Logitech K860 and a MX Master 3 mouse so I have to handle this mind shift all the time. :smiley:

Shit, I found this post:

So the shortcut to do that in Mac is opt+page up/down.

I need a coffee :frowning:

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