Custom keyboard closes every time I do anything

Testing version: 0.1 (1571)

What were you doing: using the custom keyboard (the one you open by tapping on BIU)

What feature did you use: various options available in this menu eg bold, highlighting, underline

What happened: it automatically switches back to ABC and you have to keep reopening the BIU menu if you’re not done using it. I guess the assumption is that you want to use one formatting option and then write some text. But I expected the menu I had chosen to open to stay open until I closed it. In some cases I’ve done the wrong thing by accident and it’s adding more steps to get back to what I was trying to do.

What did you expect to happen: for it to stay on BIU until I manually changed it. Like how if you switch your iPhone keyboard to numbers or emoji it doesn’t change back until you do that manually.


There are currently two different behaviors for when you tap a button in the custom keyboard:

  1. if you have an empty selection the keyboard will automatically switch to the default allowing you to start writing quickly (eg: tapping bold → start writing)
  2. if you have selected something the switch will not happen as you might be want to format another part of the text.

This is all experimental and we’re happy to hear opinions about it :slight_smile:

That makes sense but it was unexpected!

Ok I’ve just tried to make a topic about something else and it says I have reached my maximum for new topics as a new user. Not cool guys. How are we supposed to give feedback and post bug reports if you have this restriction?!

At the moment I will either forget what I was going to report / suggest / feedback on or I’ll have to keep a note my end - and I don’t really see why I should have to do that instead of just being able to post.

I was also inundated with emails as I wasn’t warned to turn them off in advance. I know now but I wish you had flagged this up!

If you want people to go to all the trouble of making an account and posting on a forum rather than just sending feedback through TestFlight, the least you can do is make it easy and not set post limits.