[Feature Request] Add key highlighting to Custom Keyboard on iPad

I’m all for the custom keyboard (the one from the BIU button), but having to remember which style I chose from memory can be daunting.

I propose that the keys which have a function that persists (ie bold, italic), are highlighted or shaded dark to let the user know it has been enabled. I think this would be good for toggling ordered and numbered lists as well.

Hi there,

When a style is used, it updates what was selected. It won’t remain on after this. Is this what you mean by persists?

I meant persists as in a list waits until the user adds another item to the list, thus the button is still selected. The same goes for bold and italic because if bold and italic are being utilized and there is a custom font, the user may not be able to discern that those styles are being used. The highlight would be a darker shade to differentiate the button from others that aren’t selected. Does that help?

Thank you for the additional information and clarification. I’ll pass it onto the rest of the team to have a think about.