Feedback on iOS Beta Editor

Thanks for rolling this out, thought I’d submit one list of initial feedback.

  1. Auto-inserted closing characters should be removed with backspace. Backspace of code character doesn’t erase the closing char, so not easy to undo. Same for italic etc. Please see Typora for reference behavior.
  2. Is it possible to disable spellcheck inside code fence? var got auto-corrected to bar and car
  3. What is the bracket icon next to special keyboard one? It’s not clickable and doesn’t change state. It either makes sense to get rid of it or make that whole area the clickable button.
  4. Can’t make header collapsible when nothing is under yet, why not? If know ahead of time I’ll want it collapsed, why can’t do it instead of having to go back to toggle? Related, I don’t understand why “toggle folding” is important enough to show up on the selected text pop-up menu when almost nothing else is.
  5. New checkbox item text doesn’t auto-capitalize, have to do manually each time, please fix. Actually hitting Enter twice after a quoted block also doesn’t auto-capitalize the next sentence, so it seems like a wider issue.
  6. Dots background for sketches is almost impossible for me to see. Too faint, unlike grid and lined which are at least more visible
  7. Highlighting some text and pressing table loses the text. Expectation was to put it into the first table row, since it’s formatting not content replacement.
  8. Cannot undo sketch resize - if cropped too much, Undo swipe reports nothing to undo. Expectation is to return to previous size.
  9. Help button in special keyboard does not do anything, probably a known issue
  10. How to insert a line break into table text? Typora solves this via br tag inserts. How to insert an image into a table? Button for it disappears in special keyboard.


  • Want this editor in Bear yesterday!
  • Code highlighting is good
  • Quotes finally look different from body text (my earlier issue). Hallelujah!



Bracket icon looks to be a space bar, which could be handy.

It turns out that icon (3 in my screenshot) is also Toggle Folding, so it only works when there’s something to toggle. But I’m once again mystified as to why we think folding is such a top-level necessary feature that it’s going to have a dedicated button on this limited toolbar and the popup menu. I really hope this is reconsidered.

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Hello @apasternak,

thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. I will go through the elements, trying to answer all of them:

  1. I don’t fully understand what do you mean. Do you mean to remove the closing character(s), when you delete the opening characters of the markdown element? So, let’s say, if I start from text *|* text if you press ⌫ you would expect text | text, where | is the caret. Did I understood this correctly? I just tested Typora (macOS) and it doesn’t seem to have this behaviour. May I ask you for an example?
  2. This is something we are currently working on
  3. As you correctly discovered it is the Toggle Folding icon
  4. This was the original location of the Toggle Folding when we first implemented it, then we forgot about it. We will remove the Toggle Folding from that sub-menu, now that it is available in a more handy place. It is not possible to collapse an empty Header because it would not collapse anything. It would be the same thing as adding 2 :leftwards_arrow_with_hook:︎s and create another header, but without deceptive ellipsis that would not hide anything
  5. Thank you, will fix it
  6. Thank you, will let the design team know
  7. I love the idea to put the selected text in the first cell of the table; will discuss it with the team!
  8. Will discuss it with the team
  9. Yes, it is a placeholder for the list of Markdown commands
  10. Currently it is not possible to add a line break inside tables. The Typora solutions seems feasible, we will investigate it. Markdown specifications don’t allow attachments to be inserted inside the table. I will discuss this with the team, but currently adding attachments to tables is not planned

Thank you again for the feedback, it’s very important to us!


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  1. For what it’s worth, I use dot grid paper daily as my preferred paper, and I think the dot pattern in sketch is perfect. Again, this is just one opinion, as I’m sure it depends on eyesight and screen brightness.
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Yes, exactly this. Below is Typora in action. As you can see, when MD paired characters are inserted either via Cmd shortcut (equivalent to our Panda special keyboard here) or typing manually, backspacing deletes the dangling closing character. This is very helpful and smart behavior.

2021-02-24 10.41.02

Glad to hear you’re already working on so many of these other suggestions. Even though I understand it’s out of current scope, here’s an image in a table in Typora’s source view. My understanding is that this is valid Markdown, and it’s up to the editor to interpret this as an image for rendering.