macOS Quick Feedback items

I’m very excited to be using the new beta, a lot of great stuff so far. Also 2 things I had written up to post have already been fixed, so thank you!

  • macOS: Toggle Folding not easy via right-click, so likely won’t use. Either needs dedicated UI or easy keyboard shortcut. I suggest double-click on the icon that appears next to header.

  • macOS: Can’t tell what Header size is being used anymore without clicking line. This mean it’s hard to match header style of other headers without checking. I understand we’re going for a cleaner look but perhaps this can be a preference as well (seeing 4, etc. in the gutter when header line is in focus)

    • Update: I see that little icon changes b/t styles 4-6, but this is subtle and requires line focus
  • macOS: Seems like retaining scroll position per note, but I don’t necessarily want this behavior. Find it a little jarring, even though I can see how someone going back and forth between 2 notes may find it useful. Would love a preference for this.

  • macOS: Checked off tasks are no longer collapsed, even though this makes viewing remaining tasks easier. Perhaps this is a known issue as part of missing prefs, but I really need this.

Build: Version 2.0 (10688)
macOS: 12.6.3 (21G419)

For the first one the keyboard shourcut is ⌘+’

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For the first one the keyboard shourcut is ⌘+’

Thank you, I see that now in the Format > Toggle Folding menu item. It’ll help but I’d still love a double-click to toggle as well, despite being a keyboard shortcut lover.

I haven’t seen any reply on this since March. Can you please confirm if hiding checked off tasks is going to make it into the final product? My notes with to-dos are a lot more cluttered now, which is a daily annoyance with the product.

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We might run some other tests before the release but I’m afraid hiding checked-off tasks will not make it to the final release. Unfortunately collides in multiple ways with the new editor’s folding both code-wise and design-wise.