Table and general feedback

The new editor looks like a great first step. Though now you’re opening yourself up to expectations of all MD editor functionality, as per many other posts in this forum.


Glad they’re supported now but:

  1. Can’t use Tab key to make a new row from the last cell, this seems basic
  2. Can’t copy and paste HTML tables, e.g., from an article (bottom of guide here). Recreating them by hand is a hassle.


  1. Quotes finally look different, sort of, which is great! This was one of my top pet peeves with Bear. At least indentation level is different, though text format is still not like most other MD editors.
  2. I wasn’t understanding why entering - on the second line of a quote made the first line in the quote a header, but now I see that it’s alternative MD header syntax. I was originally thinking this is a bug, but I stand corrected.


Nicer code blocks and animated GIFs are nice, though these weren’t high-demand items in my book.


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Thank you for the feedback, we’re doing the best we can :smiley:

Some answers:


  1. You can use enter to insert a new row from the last cell, this is consistent with the lists (first enter will create a new row, if you leave it empty and press it again it will remove it)
  2. This is coming


  1. We don’t like to over-style text if possible, do you have any example of text style for quotes that you like?
  2. Yeah, Markdown is weird sometimes

Thank you!

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Hi matteo - I must agree with the op. Tab is what you would expect to use, which is consistent with most word processors (Pages, Word, etc.). Enter makes sense for lists because it’s essentially a carriage return, whereas with tables Tab takes you to the next cell (and if you’re in the last cell, it creates a new one on a new row).

Please reconsider.


Apologies for missing this earlier and not responding. I’ve submitted a lot of feedback about this quoted text formatting, but I’m happy to provide another example.

Looking at Typora, my gold standard for MD editing, quoted text is clearly indented and separate from body text. Vs. Bear, where there’s a gutter line and that’s it, there’s no stylistic difference. That is not how quote blobs appear literally anywhere on the web, because it’s not clear or easy to separate at a glance.

Just for some examples from a Bloomberg newsletter and a Vox article, imagine if the quotes were inline with body text with the same exact font size and color. I’m happy to see newest Panda on iOS finally make quotes distinct!

As @eds said, please be standard in your key support. Enter should insert a newline and Tab should go to the next cell or make a new one. This is standard behavior for table editing in most other editors I’m familiar with. Thanks.