Darker tag pane in Dark Notes theme

Hi Bear team,

I hope this is not an unreasonable request and I understand that this is personal preference but is there a chance that you can make the background color of the tag pane of the Dark Notes theme darker?

The current lighter color demands too much attention imo and makes me want to hide it whenever I can.

Maybe others feel the same way?


Yes! I completely agree. The grey is way to light.

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Glad to hear, that I‘m not the only one. :grin:

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I agree, and I also I think the light sidebar makes it look like inactive window. Take app like Finder; when it’s active the sidebar is translucent glass-like material, and when inactive it’s grey with no see-through effect. Dark Notes theme makes Bear window look like an inactive Finder window imo, and it always trips me up :sweat_smile:

Is this any better or still too light?


Perfect :+1:
I actually didn’t have any problem with how it was, but this sample is better – or rather perfect in my opinion :sunglasses:

Hi Danilo,
Thank you so much! This is already looking much better. :pray:

I personally would even gravitate towards making the sidebar slightly darker than the notes panel.
That way the emphasis of the UI is really put on writing/reading instead of organizing.
But that’s just my personal preference.
(Btw the file I uploaded has probably poor contrast on a white background.)

Would love to know what you and the others think.

Again, thank you so much!

I think it is good as it is, but don’t mind little bit darker like in the screenshot from @trix180.

But if I want it really dark, I would use the “Dieci” theme.

Also, I think the Bear team has a lot on their plate already …

Just because you’re fine with the way things are doesn’t make my feature suggestion illegitemate

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Sorry, was just replying what I think


You got me :laughing:
I guess this comment rubbed me the wrong way.

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@trix180 Has Bear thought about giving the user the option of the Mac sidebar look of having transparent and blurred backgrounds? Raycast does this well with their theming in that you can tint the blurred background.

On a design level, We are not very fond of the contrasts on translucent backgrounds so we have not tried implementing them. Maybe I should give Raycast a better look.

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Ahhh okay. I understand. Yeah give them a look. They do it really well. They will be adding an option for full opacity with custom themes later. When you guys add custom themes as well, it might be cool to have that option. All in all, I was just curious though. Thanks!