@date & @cdate searches not returning expected results

Testing version: Bear for MacOS Version 2.1.6 (12537)

What were you doing: using @date and @cdate to search for notes

What feature did you use: special search

What happened: when using @date to search for notes modified on a certain date the results don’t return as expected… for example when searching @today I see 4 notes returned, but when searching @date(2024-03-22) (todays’s date) I only see 1 note come up. see screen shots below…

Additionally when I search for notes modified since a date using @date(>2024-03-18) it fails to return notes I know for sure I have modified since that date.

What did you expect to happen:

  1. searching @date(2024-03-22) would show ALL notes modified today (same as searching @today)
  2. searching @date(>2024-03-18) would show ALL notes modified since 2024-03-18

one related question question… does the @date search include notes that have been created on (or since in using >) the date searched, or do you have to add @cdate to include all notes that have been modified or created since a certain date?

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Thank you very much for reporting this issue. Yes, there’s a bug in @date but will be fixed with the next update.


thanks for confirming the bug and working on a fix… just looking for a little clarity on that second question I asked about if the @date search returns both modified and created notes or only modified note? I’m trying to figure out what search parameters I need to use to show all notes that have been modified or created since a certain date. Thanks for your help.

@date is supposed to give you just modified notes. Once fixed, what you want to achieve should be @cdate(...) OR @date(...)

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