Deleting the hyperlink in a link works, but leaves the pencil icon behind

Testing version:
2.0 - iPad
What were you doing:
Attempting to remove links from an imported document without removing the link text
What feature did you use:
Pressed on pencil icon attached to the link and clicked the x next to the link to remove it.
What happened:
The link no longer functions and the underline no longer shows (both expected) but the pencil icon remains - it looks as if the link is retained as an empty link instead of the link being removed.
What did you expect to happen:
EITHER - a “remove link” option in the pop up or deleting the link should completely remove the link.

I can confirm this bug on iPad too.

On Mac it works as expected,
except if you leave Preview checked:
@trix180 Then it becomes even more complicated

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Yes, the iOS link panes should not behave that way. We’ll be fixed asap.

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