Does "enter" key still select a tag?

Testing version: macOS 10757

What were you doing: I am inserting a tag and when the various options are displayed, I use the up/down arrows to navigate to the correct tag and then use the “enter” key on my extended keyboard.

What feature did you use: tagging system

What happened: Instead of selecting the tag from the list, it goes to the next line. However, if I use the “return” key, it does select the tag correctly.

What did you expect to happen: I expected that by using either the enter or return key, it would use the tag I selected from the arrow keys.

That’s odd, we listed the return key events for the autocomplete panel… but we don’t have another return key to listen to. Unless that key is not producing the same key event but somehow the same output. Which keyboard are you using? Is it an Apple keyboard?

I am using a Logi MX Keys Mac keyboard. I have been using Bear for a while and I usually use the enter key on the numeric pad to make my selection. So, when it didn’t work on the last update, I thought that was strange. All it does is go to the next line.

Ok. So I pulled out my Apple Extended keyboard and the enter and return key works as intended. Something must have changed with the Logi keyboard. I will play around with it more to see. Thanks!