Embed YouTube Videos

Hi team,

Please consider adding support for embedded YouTube iframes.

As a writer, teacher and researcher I find it a valuable addition to a text editor, and it would be wonderful if it were supported in the new editor :grinning::+1:


we might have something concerning this in the next update, but I’d like to ask some questions about how you imagine the feature requested. Do you want to play the YouTube videos inside the note/document or tap to play them fullscreen/in your browser?


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Hi @trix180

Preferably in place within Bear please (as most markdown editors which support iframes).

With the future web editor (and tables), I’m hoping Bear will fully support my in-class teaching and replace Evernote for me (though I’ve used Bear for years for personal work). Added to that, when taking notes whilst watching a YouTube video, it is helpful having the video and the notes in one space.

I have been using Craft since release, but came back to Bear because it is just so snappy :smile:


I just joined the forum specifically to reply to this thread. I would also like to see basic iframes support in Bear, the way it is handled in Obsidian and other similar markdown editors.

The purpose of embedding a video would be to do note taking directly in Bear while viewing it, so full screening them to a browser would defeat that purpose.

An additional feature which would be also very useful would be the option of having time tagged notes, as Yinote for Chrome does. This would make it an incredibly powerful annotation and reference tool.

Thank you for your consideration!

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Hello all,

I’d just like to chime in with some pushback on this idea:
Bear is very special to me - as someone who considers messing around with writing/text editing/word processing software a hobby, of sorts - in that it has remained the single space in which I can compose without distractions. I’ve opined here on the forums and on the subreddit about why this is, but it definitely has something to do with its limitations. In no other case would I argue that a lack of features to be anything but a lack of features, but in Bear’s case, I legitimately believe I would benefit if advanced embeds were continued to be left to those other editors. I’m not sure if this means anything for anyone else, but I know in my case, I will most certainly find myself messing around with embeds long before it makes sense (when I should be composing.) I would also argue that Shinyfrog’s extremely deliberate process when adding features like this is the reason why Bear has continued to be so “snappy.”

In the case of YouTube embeds, specifically, I would caution against asking the Bear team to address an issue that is fundamentally on YouTube’s end - their refusal to support PiP/background play for free users.

That said, I would argue that an educator’s benefit be prioritized over mine, any day. :grinning:


As a professional software maker, I couldn’t agree more with this.

One has to assess the whole platform in which an app exists. Being able to watch media (or read a book, play a game, listen to a podcast…) while also take notes—multitasking—feels very much like a platform problem/feature, not an app feature.


Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your viewpoint on this. We find all the feedback noted on this forum helpful, especially when making future decisions.

Personally, I’d just like to see a small preview image of the video as a link to view it in my browser/youtube app.

Play in the note please, for being able to take notes in Bear while watching a lesson or a seminar.

Hi there,

This is currently possible in Panda.

You can use Command + K to insert a YouTube link into Panda.

You can title the link and then you can select “Show preview” and click “Done”.

This will give you a preview of the YouTube link.

Give it a go and let us know what you think!

Sounds awesome. I lover the Bear app. It’s one of my favorite apps I’ve used in a long time. I wouldve been fine as it is but I’m thrilled such improvements are coming. I’ll give it a try.

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That’s great to hear!

Any feedback you have about it, throw it all back in the forum and the team will be in touch in the threads.


thanks for explaining that. I think it is a good idea. My feedback:

  • It seems video can’t be played from Panda, so embedding is previewing the video cover; it will be possible to play the video in Bear?
  • Video frame in a paragraph has a different geometry than the text in the paragraph itself; there will be any option to keep the paragraph compact?


Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback. Regarding embedding videos, we’ve decided against adding the ability to play YouTube videos inside the Editor at the moment.

Hi folks, thanks for letting me know.
I think playing YouTube videos inside the Editor would be helpful for study and annotate.
YouTube is not only music and kittens :slight_smile: But I totally respect your decision.
PS: Workflowy as an example has that feature

No problem at all, we aim to be as transparent as we can.

We agree that it could be of benefit, but we also have to consider does it make sense for Bear?, and what the possible drawbacks of adding it are.

Therefore, as noted, we ultimately decided against adding the ability for now and we thank you for respecting the current decision.

If anything was to change regarding this though, we will let the community know!

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I’d also love embedded YouTube videos in the editor!