Plugin System in Bear 2?

Hi Bear Team

I use Bear for 4 years, maybe, or a long time. During this period, I also tried many other note app – Obsidian, Notion, Roam, etc. But I still love Bear. Bear’s editor is so pretty and ue-friendly. Thanks for yr work.

Im a developer. Sometimes I want to customize my homepage, in Bear app, show some todos, manage my tasks, push some notifies… Maybe Bear2 can support these features by plugin system? or just support iframe html tag, then I can embed my page in my notes?

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I think a plug-in system that also allows to change the capatibilities of the editor would mess it up. Just take a look in obsidian: the users on the obsidian forum or Reddit already discuss if the promise not to be dependent of the app is not fulfilled after adding a ton of plugins adding their own stuff to editor. However, I would desire a native support of embedding YouTube videos in bear.

That being said, I think also that a plug-in system in bear could be a good idea if the api does not allow to mess up the ui. I am thinking f.e. of plugins which open their OWN window, let‘s say a graph view, an window to export notes to blogs, the so-called Andy Matuschak mode for viewing notes and similar things

Plugins like the one you are proposing are risky in terms of privacy and data security and potentially harm performance. I know a plugin system that mitigates the risks of at least 2 of these problems can be done but at the moment we don’t have any plans for it.

Thanks for your reply. I agreed.

A good plug-in system will cost too much time to finish it. Maybe I just want a widget or block, it can query some data, such as notes, tags, todos, then display them as a Table/process bar/charts… These Widget are readonly for performance. All query function, transformer or ui are officially provided.

For example, Obsidian Dataview.