Web Clipper in Youtube


I did search here before posting this :blush:

I’ve been using Bear2 and the clipper extension (with Safari) wihtout any major problems but when I try to do it on youtube, it doesn’t work and the “just a moment” screen doesn’t disapear:

I’m not sure about what your plans are for the web clipper but being able to bring the video preview (as already happens wiht the links) and the description would probalby be a good feature, similar to evernote.

Not sure this is jut me being a bit obtuse :laughing:

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I’m not getting the infinte loading but I do get the “please update your browser” page and I think it’s the same issue. YouTube and Twitter notoriously don’t like their pages to be read by non-browsers and applies a series of progressive loading techniques to avoid that. We will correct the extensions and generate a note with the info YouTube provides (title and URL). I like the idea of using link previews for this specific task.