Encrypt notes with touchid on macOS?

With Apple Notes, I could unlock locked notes with the TouchID on my Macbook keyboard. No password required.

That was nice since I have several dozen locked notes that I use several times a day, that a single touch of a keyboard key could unlock.

I migrated all of my Apple notes except the locked notes, as I didn’t know if I could lock notes in Bear when I first migrated. It looks like I can , but I have to enter a password each time, which is no where near as convenient as using TouchID.

Did I miss a setting to enable that enables the use of TouchID with Bear notes on my Macbook? Or is it not supported at this time?

the TouchID verification is supported by Bear. You need to click on the fingertip button in the note to trigger it.

This is what I see in macOS 14.5 running on my M1 Macbook Pro.
and running Bear v2.1.9

If I add a password then I get a lock icon in the Notes list column of the window. I click on the lock icon, it prompts me to enter the password, with the promise to enable touchid

But it never does. It’s just cycles though entering password to lock and unlock. At least on my Macbook.

On my iPhone, my options to unlock are the password or FaceID, which is a bit better.

So, it doesn’t seem to offer TouchID on the Mac.

Does this problem persist after a reboot of your Mac?

If it does, can you please check if you have enabled iCloud Passwords & Keychain?

I’ll check. I got sidetracked by a home lab server migration that will take all of my spare time for the next week or two.

I’ll get to it as soon as I can, though.