"End editing" with closed sidebars is not possible

Testing version: 2.0.15 (12062)

What were you doing: When “Show Editor Only” mode, it is not possible to “Edit→End Editing”, thus clearing the cursor from view. Yet when I open sidebar (e.g. Show Notes and Editor), I can end editing and when I then close the sidebar again, I have unfocused view (without cursor visible) which is what I want. Even if “end editing”/unfocusing cursor was intentionally not possible with only one-pane (editor only) view, it is still not greyed out in Edit→End Editing menu

What did you expect to happen: I would like to be able to unfocus cursor (“end editing”) even in editor-only mode / or in note-in-separate-window mode.

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Totally agree with you.

I can see the issue with the end editing menu in the detached notes but removing the focus in the scenario is not what I’m used to for text editors on macOS. What is the purpose or your use case scenario for this?

What is the purpose or your use case scenario for this?

Not being able to edit my note/s coincidentally by just pressing some keyboard keys when I (incorrectly) assume that I have other window focused (e.g. when previewing many notes in separate windows). E.g. I think that I am in “main window” and want to search for something. I do not realise that actually focused window is one of other notes (in separate window) and my starting typing starts to re-write this note. But if I was in “end-editing” mode, random keypresses would do nothing.

Also, blinking cursor sometimes is disturbing for me, when present in windows which I do not want to edit. (That is why many other md editors have separate Preview mode. I know about possiblity to preview in Marked2, but in this case, only 1 window is available and I cannot view multiple windows)

and one more note: when I open new/separate note window, editor is unfocused (in the sense of cursor not present). When I click inside the note, I can start to edit and mode is changed to cursor present. But I cannot change this state back to what it was when I just opened the window. So I view it as kind of inconsistency. (In other text editors, cursor is blinking from the beginning, when I just open the new window.)

The best way I can explain why I’m a fan of this request is this: I saw an interview with Jerry Seinfeld one time where he was asked where he writes his jokes and he responded with something like “Definitely pen and paper. I can’t with the computer because when I wanna pause and think, this cursor is just constantly blinking at me saying ‘c’mon, what’ve you got?’”

I couldn’t agree more. You will be writing, but then a lot of times I wanna pause and think about what I’m writing and having that caret blinking endlessly at me is so distracting. It may sound like a small thing, but I can assure you it is not.

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