All notes closed view - not automatically preview

Is there a display option to only show a note in the preview pane when it’s selected? I don’t want to always have an open note, I am trying to find a more simple view that doesn’t automatically display a note… and maybe even a more simple view that lets me hide the list of notes until I search for something, or click on a tag.

Not sure if this either of these are exactly what you’re looking for but…

  1. in the Desktop app if you click on any of the shortcuts in the “Notes” section of the side bar it clears the editor pane…

  2. and if you go to the “view” menu you can choose which panes you want to display…


Thank you for the tip about clicking on the shortcut in the “notes” section. That does close the Preview pane from showing note contents. I created a new note with only the tag #blank, clicked on that shortcut, and changed my view to only show my blank note without other distractions.

I am not sure if I understand correctly what you want to achieve but when you press ESC several times, your active note will disappear and you have blank preview/note area (until you select some other note)


Thank you, pressing the Esc key, and not showing anything in the Editor window is exactly what I was trying to accomplish.