Error trying to install Bear

I think I made a mistake when installing the Bear 2 beta. It copied over Bear 1 by mistake. I deleted the beta, and then tried to reinstall Bear from the app store, but it won’t install and I get an error message as per the screenshot.

How do I fix this? I made a backup of all my notes prior to doing the install, so it’s not a complete mess. But I would like to reinstall Bear 1. This is on macOS 13.2 on a mac mini. I also sync my notes on a Macbook Air and my iphone.

Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 19.43.41

Never mind, I’ve fixed it. Tried to do it the easy way, but in the end did a factory reset and reinstalled Bear 1 with no problems.

Think I’ll skip the beta for now and just wait until it comes out officially. When is that? A couple of months? :wink:

You have a backup, just try a second time but then without copying over bear 1 :wink: