Export as PDF does not export full pdf embedded in note

I have a couple of pdf documents (files) embedded in a note. Each of them is more than one page. When I export that Bear note as a pdf file, only the first page image of those embedded pdfs export. All the other markdown text exports OK. Is this expected for export, or is the full content of the embedded pdf files (or for that matter a Word Doc) also supposed to get exported in the Export as pdf function?

Thank you for feedback on this.

Yes, this is expected as the PDF mirrors what happens in the editor.

To clarify… the expected behavior exporting a multiple paged pdf document that was saved as a file within a Bear Note is that only the first page of the embedded pdf would be exported? That would create data loss. Is there another way while exporting a note as pdf to have the full content of the embedded file exported as a pdf also? Or as an attachment? Thank you.

Yes, but to be more precise, the preview option chosen for the PDF attachment follows what’s in the editor.

No, this is an exporter. Nothing is lost.

You can choose to add file attachments along with your export on macOS.


Pefect. That’s what I was looking for. Will this feature be available in export on the iPad iOS too? Until then, what’s the best way to export a Bear note with its embedded files?

Unfortunately, no because non-single file exports on iOS/iPadOS are problematic. I think we can provide an “attachments exporter” that creates and archive eventually.

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